Mission Statement

Since 2005 it has been our mission to make computing fun, affordable and safe, we understand technology is ever changing and isn't always easy to understand or follow. That is why we are committed and strive to educate our client base, we consult with our clients so they understand the available technologies out there and help them make informed decisions for purcharsing their next piece of technology or software.

We live and stand by our reputation, and rely on referrals because we believe good service speaks for itself. Our motto is, "If we can resolve your issue or answer your question in 15 minutes, there is no charge; because it's not always about the profits first".

Services Offered

Below is just a small sample of the services we provide:

Note: We can do many things remotely via remote software: like assessing your issue, helping to install software/printers, etc.
Computer Services Offered Computer Services Offered
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Is your equipment between 3 to 5 years old? Don't throw it away, let us help you determine if it can be upgraded or donated to family or charity.

Note: If your PC is running any operating system other than Windows 8.1 or later, you will need to upgrade to one of the more recent versions like Windows 10 or 11. All other Microsoft operating systems are no longer supported which puts you at a higher risk of an attack, you can search the Microsoft Lifecyle page here for more information.

For Macs, you can check the OS versions here.

For any issues using the form, you can email us directly at

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**IMPORTANT** For computer services we provide, NJ sales tax is required to be collected and will be reflected appropriately on the invoice. Also, we don't markup any equipment we purchase on behalf of our clients or any equipment we may resell from our supplies if applicable, all sales tax assessed at the point of sale will be reflected appropriately on the invoice; unless any tax exemptions apply.

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